The purpose of Squadrons in ACES is to execute Official Missions.  Official Missions are missions sanctioned by the Council for the betterment of ACES.  These missions are the sole source of ACES's income, protection, and exploration.  

Each squadron states the level of commitment they require of their members.  Because the ACES leadership needs to know how many members they will have to fly a particular mission, members are only allowed to join 1 squadron.  Once this commitment is met, the squadron members can do as they please.  This includes continuing to fly with their squadron, or flying with a different squadron.

For more information on Fleets, go here: ACES Fleets

Squadron ListEdit

ACES Squadron Browser (A concise, pictoral view of ACES Squadrons)

ACES Squadron Commanders (A list of all Squadron leaders)


  • The Alchemists [5-2-2] - (Executive Fleet)
  • Veridian Dynamics [9-0-0]
  • Lilith Meridian [7-2-0]
  • The Entity [5-3-1]
  • Wojtek Squadron [4-3-2] - (Executive Fleet)
  • [Probationary] The Quartermasters [5-2-2] (Executive Fleet)


  • Expeditionary Fleet
    • The Seekers [0-9-0]
    • Shadow Seekers [0-9-0]
  • FOS [0-9-0]
  • Jacks of Abandon [3-3-3]
  • 22nd Delta Frost Force Recon [0-9-0]
  • SIA [1-6-3] - (Executive Fleet) - Intelligence and clandestine Ops, by invitation only.
  • Gryphon Squadron [2-4-3] (Executive Fleet) - Capital ship focus.
  • [Probationary] The Navigators
  • [Probationary] The Argonauts: Knowlege is our Golden Fleece