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  • Squadron Name //

- 131st Delta Frost Fighting Eagles

Squadron Motto //

When it has to be done...

Statement of Purpose

- Protecting ACES assets and interests. - Escort Support Missions. - Patrol of Allied Space.

Squadron Structure //

1x Squadron Commander

1x Squadron Second in Command

3x Formation Leaders

Rank Structure //

// Captain

// First Lieutenant

// Sky Protectorate

// Protectorate

Commander Election Process //

Vote via Mail

Application Procedure/Requirements //

- This is a military focused squadron, which means we're the NAVY of ACES! - There will be formation flying on ACES and 130th. operations. - There will be ZERO-tolerance on BS during an operation. - Must have a working microphone. - Must have access to Teamsepak 3. - Join in the Enlistment office. Example Select the: 131st Fighting Eagles

- Join in the Enlistment office. of ACES

Example Select the: 131st Fighting Eagles

- Join in the Enlistment office at

Example Select the:   131st Fighting Eagles

Roster //

1.Com. // jKojacko US

2. LtCo.//Altire EU

3.Prot. // EclipseZeus US

4.Prot. // Dogmeat US

5.Prot. // Behronzo USS

6.Prot. // chaosfire US

7.Prot. // RaiNFrost US

8.Prot. // AngryAngel EU

9.Prot. // Tenoh US

10.Prot. // Rendark US

11.Prot. // Hudstr22 US

12.Prot. // Butterman55 US

13.Prot. // Mogadishu Steve US

14.Prot. // Maddox EU

15.Prot. // Valiant EU

16.Prot. // Don1

17.Prot. // theman3009

18.Prot. // Nate US

19.Prot. // MobiusKiller

20.Prot. // 

21. Prot. // Elyon_9 US

One Slot Com.jKoJacko

The 131st Idris -P  Frigate..."Delta Justice"...


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