Alchemist Symbol

Squadron Name: The Alchemists Squadron
Motto: “aurum potestas est” (Gold is Power)
Roles: Trading, Mining, Convoy Escort, Exploration for Mineral Resources
Type of Squadron: All-purpose Capitalist Squadron
Commitment: Low (2 to 4 hours) or Medium commitment (5-8 hours)
Timezone: All members who can play within the North American Time-Zones
Squadron Leaders: Holyvision & Kailance
Squadron Founder: edrst10


The Alchemist Squadron was the first Capitalist Squadron created in ACES. True to the squadron’s name of Alchemists its basic objective is to turn base metals and materials into gold. In order to accomplish this the Alchemists are an all purpose Capitalist squadron that encompasses all roles involved in the Star Citizen production chain for the effective exploitation of economic opportunities in the SC Universe. This includes Trade, Mining, and Exploration for Mineral Resources and other profitable opportunities. This squadron aims to be self-sufficient and semi-autonomous, for this reason the squadron will have the capacity to provide its own escorts and protect itself. It is recommended that Alchemy squadron members be versatile and willing to assume a variety of roles. In one mission a squadron pilot may be the trade runner in a Starfarer, in another mission  a fighter pilot doing escort duty on a 325a, in yet another manning the turret of a Constellation as a crew member, or be on an official mission by himself or with a few squadron members exploring potential exploitable opportunities on a Freelancer based on sound intelligence. Although it is not required that members assume all roles within the squadron it is expected that they’ll be able and willing to do at least two.


1. Take advantage of the most lucrative opportunities available in the Star Citizen Universe to achieve the highest profit margins possible.
2. Pool squadron members knowledge and efforts to establish and cultivate the necessary contacts and reputation with Corporations to get better Contracts and work towards establishing our own trade lanes.
3. Coordinate our efforts to help ACES as an organization and Squadron members individually to work towards the long term goal of taking control of production nodes within particular interconnected production chains.

Who Should Join?Edit

This Squadron is for you if:

  1. The Star Citizen Economy Com-link left you salivating and you saw that video and read through it more than once.
  2. You are looking to experience all that the Economy of the Star Citizen Universe has to offer to accumulate credits for yourself and help ACES, but also want to fly a fighter once in awhile and engage those who would prevent you and your squadron brothers from doing so.
  3. You want to engage in coordinated operations but want the freedom to do your own thing or partner with squadron mates for pure individual profit outside “official operations”.
  4. You don’t want to be bound to just one Capitalist role in the Star Citizen economy