ACES - 1st Fleet Theme Soundtrack

ACES - 1st Fleet Theme Soundtrack

S.H.I.E.L.D. Fleet Theme Song

Fleets within ACES can be created by any member but must be developed and organized as per current requirements and must contain at least 2 squadrons. Squadrons can join any fleet and there is currently not a maximum amount of squadrons allowed per fleet.

For a complete list of Squadrons go here: Squadrons


Executive Fleet (conglomerate of specialized Squadrons)Edit

  • Rukh Squadron - Fleet Command
  • S.I.A. - Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence
  • Gryphon Squadron - Acquisition & Command of Capital Ships
  • The Quartermasters - Military Capitalism and General Badassery
  • The AlchemistsCivilian Capitalism and Supply Trains
  • Wojtek Squadron - Experimental Technology & Weaponry
  • The WraithsTactical Assault & Infiltration
  • Hospitaller Squadron - Medical Rescue

S.H.I.E.L.D. - Delta Frost Fleet (Soldier Specialization)Edit

Hydra Fleet (Soldier Specialization)Edit

  • Manticore [0-1-8]
  • Fenrir [1-1-7]
  • Phoenix [2-3-4]

Expeditionary Fleet (Explorer Specialization)Edit

  • The Seekers [0-9-0]
  • Shadow Seekers [0-9-0]