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132nd. Delta Frost Black Reapers Squadron

Squadron Motto //

- Aim High. Fly, Fight, Win!

Statement of Purpose //

- Defense of ACES assets and interests.
- Quick Response Force.
- Emergency Response.
- Patrols Of Allied Space.
- Escort Support.

Primary Time Zone //

- We will try to achieve 50/50 EU and US.

Active Times //

- EU 1700Z-2400Z
- US 1900Z-0300Z
- Zulu time = UTC/GMT

Squadron Commitment Level //

- Medium.

Expected Individual Contribution //

- 2-5 hours.

Squadron Structure //

- 1x SQN Commander
- 1x SQN 2nd. in Command
- 3x Formation Commanders

Rank Structure // // Captain // First Lieutenant // Sky Protectorate // Protectorate

Application Procedure/Requirements //

- This is a military focused squadron, which means we're the NAVY of ACES!
- There will be formation flying on ACES and 132nd. operations.
- There will be ZERO-tolerance on BS during an operation.
- Must have a working microphone.
- Must have access to Teamsepak 3.

- Join by adding a comment in the Enlistment office.
"(your name)" | Delta Frost Squadron

Roster //

1. Com.Vigalance
2. LT. Com.Brutepwnr
3. Prot.BadBrit
4. Prot.Krogan
5. Prot.Silvercall
6. Prot.Chandlerz12345
7. Prot. TheKSP123

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